Lauren Apt photo

Welcome Lauren Apt to the Empreinte Consulting Team

Empreinte Consulting, LLC is pleased to welcome Lauren Apt to the team as a Data and Prospect Management Consultant.  Lauren specializes in analyzing and streamlining foundation operations, implementing best practices, strategizing database use, providing database management and training, and facilitating prospect management and research.

Starting her career at the Pluta Cancer Center, Lauren progressed to work within the Rochester Regional Health Foundation and supported a team of 14 fundraisers.  With a decade of focused operational experience, her understanding of the fundraising process and data required to support appropriate outreach ensures an organization maximizes their fundraising potential.  Lauren received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and English Literature from Nazareth College, and has a quad certification in Elementary Education and Special Education. She is currently working on her MBA at RIT and is looking forward to graduation in 2021.

This knowledge and experience can be utilized to develop your fundraising strategy to include a thoughtful solicitation strategy while improving your relationship with donors. Whether you are looking to advance your fundraising to the next level, initiating a campaign, or enhance your operational efficiencies, Empreinte Consulting, LLC will help guide you through this journey.