Nan Burgess-Whitman

Market Research

Nan is a market research professional with over 25 years of experience working in the profit and non-profit sectors. After graduating from Alfred University with a BA in Psychology and MS in Higher Education, Nan began her career journey at Rochester-area higher education institutions focusing on counseling and program development. She was then recruited to work with the market research firm Harris Interactive as a qualitative project manager. Nan found her niche there in the research arena and has executed hundreds of studies in health care, education, technology and consumer goods.

In the last decade, Nan has deliberately focused on assisting non-profit organizations to understand the breadth and depth of the populations they serve. Nan was responsible for the initial first phase of the Rochester- Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative, which identified a strategic direction for The City of Rochester and strategic assistance from The United Way. She facilitates interviews and focus groups across a variety of online platforms as well as in person, working with children through seniors.  The resulting qualitative data unveils a wealth of information that leads to informed strategic planning, marketing, enhanced leadership decisions about budgets, grants and services, and ultimately how an organization can maximize their purpose and mission.