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Corporate Philanthropy Program Consulting

Your company is a pillar of the community. You frequently receive requests for monetary support from nonprofits. It’s important that you invest in the communities in which you serve.

How do you maximize the impact a limited budget can have on those in need? We can help you answer that question. To do that, we’ll have to ask a couple more. What do you hope to achieve through philanthropy? What causes do you care about the most? The answer to these questions will be the foundation of our work together.

As your partner, we can help prioritize and maximize a philanthropic giving program by:

  • Creating a philanthropic vision and mission statement
  • Developing a philanthropic strategy based on your charitable giving budget
  • Vetting charitable requests from nonprofits by assessing factors such as their mission’s alignment with your philanthropic goal and their cost to raise a dollar
  • Ensuring the efficacy of your gifts through the yearly review of impact reports and conversations with beneficiaries representatives
  • Identifying opportunities for your leaders to engage with the beneficiary (i.e. special events) and for employees to support the company’s philanthropic efforts
  • Determining if it is possible for you to provide organizations with non-monetary support
  • Working with the nonprofit organizations you partner with to enhance your public image and increase your visibility

Let us help you maximize your return by strategizing and implementing a charitable giving program to give back to the community.

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